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Board-certified orthopedic surgeon Omar Akhtar, MD, specializes in joint replacement procedures, including cutting-edge techniques such as Mako™ robotic surgery. Dr. Akhtar performs customized robotic knee replacement procedures at Capital City Orthopaedics in Austin, Texas. To find out if robotic surgery is right for you, call or book an appointment online today.

Robotic Surgery Q & A

What is robotic joint replacement surgery?

Robotic arm-assisted surgery is the future of joint replacement. This advanced technique allows Dr. Akhtar to know exactly how an implant fits your joint before you ever enter the operating room.

Dr. Akhtar uses the Mako robotic system to assist him during knee replacement surgery. This system provides Dr. Akhtar with a 3-D model of your knee joint, which allows him to pre-plan your procedure with greater precision than ever before.

How does the Mako robotic system work?

When it comes to robotic surgery, it’s important to understand that the robot doesn’t actually perform the procedure. Dr. Akhtar is in complete control 100% of the time.

What the Mako robotic system does is provide Dr. Akhtar with valuable information about the unique inner structure of your knee. Having a plan well before he makes an incision ensures the best possible outcome for you.

Before surgery, Dr. Akhtar takes a CT scan of your knee. He uses this scan to generate a 3-D virtual model of your knee joint. Then, he loads the model into the Mako system software and creates a fully customized pre-operative plan.

During surgery, Dr. Akhtar uses the Mako system to assist him in using information from this personalized plan. As Dr. Akhtar guides the robotic arm, the Mako system helps him stay within predefined boundaries.

This highly accurate technique minimizes damage to healthy surrounding tissues, which ultimately means less pain and a shorter recovery time for you.  

What should I expect from a robotic knee replacement?

First, Dr. Akhtar evaluates your affected joint and reviews your medical history. The team at Capital City Orthopaedics recommends joint replacement surgery only as a final option when more conservative treatments fail to improve your condition.

If you’re a good candidate for Mako robotic knee replacement, Dr. Akhtar begins by taking a CT scan of your knee. He uses this scan to develop your individualized plan for knee replacement based on your unique anatomy.

Robotic surgery generally involves less pain, an improved implant fit, and greater patient satisfaction than traditional joint replacement. To learn more, call Capital City Orthopaedics or book an appointment online today.