“Dr. Akhtar is personable and did an amazing job on my knee replacement surgery. He listens to all of my concerns and questions and responds to all of them. He is kind and shows genuine care for me as a person....not simply a patient. I recommend Dr. Akhtar without reservation and would go back to him for any future surgeries.”

— Kay C., Hutto, TX 2018

“Dr. Akhtar is the kindest doctor I’ve encountered in my 69 years. He is very thorough, spends time asking and answering questions. I had a recent total hip replacement and I’m doing great. Everyone I encountered in the hospital commented on what a fine surgeon and kind man he is when they saw he was my doctor. 
I recommend him highly!!”

— Lorna B., Eden, TX 2018

“Excellent doctor! My daughter Lainey plays club soccer for Lonestar and unfortunately we have had to see Dr. Burris a few times over the years. He has always performed a thorough examination and I have always felt he has a plan for recovery that is right on target while being conservative in treatment. Unfortunately this last go round my daughter tore her ACL and will have to have surgery. We have no hesitation in knowing that Dr. Burris is who we will use to perform the surgery. His rapport with my daughter as a patient is excellent and we recommend him highly.”

— Damon D., Austin, TX 2018

“I researched numerous surgeons and Dr. Akhtar was my choice for many reasons: He is competent and caring. He takes time to explain the surgery and recovery details thoroughly and answers questions without rushing. He is self assured and knowledgeable without being cocky. And...how many surgeons call you the night before surgery to see if you have any questions and to say, “see you tomorrow.” My first hip surgery went smoothly and I’m going back for my second hip just 11 weeks later. A definite 5 stars for Dr. Akhtar.”

— Kathy F., Georgetown, TX 2017

“Dr. Burris has been our family Orthopaedics Doctor for years now, I love his work and his a great surgery. My son is so blessed to have the best Orthopaedics here in Austin Texas. Thank you so much Dr. Burris and staff..”

— Karen B., Austin, TX 2017

“After having dealt with many doctors, another doctor referred me to Dr. Omar Akhtar. After the first meeting with him, I knew that I had found a caring, competent and professional orthopedic surgeon. He took as much time as necessary to totally explain my options. He treated me like I was the only patient he had that day. Today, after having Dr. Akhtar perform a hip replacement surgery, I was walking pain free within hours. Dr. Akhtar, you are my HERO!

Connie M,”

— Connie M., Austin, TX 2018

“I’ve had a great experience with Dr. Mike Burris and Capital City Ortho. I’ve had several appointments to take care of a broken ankle. They’ve accommodated my schedule, I’ve gotten in at my scheduled time- no waiting around, and the staff has all been excellent. Dr. Burris has taken the time to explain my injury, all the implications and the recovery plan in detail. He is very personable, you don’t feel like you’re in a factory. I highly recommend them.”

— Clint W., Austin, TX 2009

“I’ve struggled with chronic hip and low back pain for more than 30 years (i’m only 47), after being diagnosed with a form of arthritis when I was 17. I’d had 2 previous hip surgeries that were not successful, so when Dr Akhtar recommended a hip replacement I was skeptical. 

I’m a trail runner, mountain biker - and I planned to run a 100-miler for my 50th birthday - and I’m an orthopedic physical therapist. I was not about to have my hip replaced!.......
But Dr. Akhtar earned my trust (believe me - it’s rare for a physical therapist to trust an orthopedic surgeon!). He called me at home numerous times to check on me and to help me make my decision; then after the surgery he texted me, answered my texts - at no point did I feel like he was leaving me alone to deal with questions or concerns. He monitored my healing from day one, even offering to come in on a Sunday to check on my incision when I had a question. 
I literally cannot say enough about him as a surgeon and a physician, about his office staff (soooo helpful!) and about my outcome. I deal with orthopedic surgeons on a daily basis and Dr Akhtar is by far one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. 
By the way - I am completely pain free! I’m hiking, biking - and he doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to do that 100-miler anyway............”

— Jennifer M., Austin, TX 2017

“I’ve been to several different Orthopedists in my life for various injuries. Dr. Burris is far and away the best one I have seen. My latest visit for a shoulder issue uncovered a little more than I expected. Dr. Burris, from the start, was very thorough in explaining the possibilities and my options. As it turned out, I needed surgery for a superior labrum (SLAP) tear and also a clavicle resection due to a bad case of arthritis from - you guessed it - an old football injury. I hold that Dr. Burris absolutely aced both procedures. We were able to get the surgery scheduled right away. He took the time to fully explain the surgery and recovery process. He was straight forward about what to expect as far as pain and answered all of my questions. I had very little pain post-op, which surprised me, and my recovery was just as he described. He was also very honest about the return to athletic activities and what to expect. Appointments were easy to make and I was always seen on time. I never felt rushed during my visits with him. Dr. Burris is very professional, friendly, and personable. This also holds true for his staff. I highly recommend him for your orthopedic needs.”

— Jonathan H., Round Rock, TX 2015

“A truly awesome surgeon. He [Dr. Akhtar] genuinely cares about you as a patient, is not hasty, and takes the time to provide honest and informative answers. I’ve had a few surgeons in the past for other procedures, and he is beyond 5 stars plus, in comparison.”

— Renee H., Pflugerville, TX 2017

“Dr. Burris is phenomenal! He is a good example of a physician which deeply cares for his patients. I give Dr. Michael Burris my highest recommendation!”

— Ori Y., Austin, TX 2016

“Dr.Akhtar is one of the most professional & caring physicians I’ve ever known and I’ve been a nurse for 24 years. Not only did he personally call me before my total knee replacement to see if I had any questions but he also called me once I got home to make sure I didn’t need anything. His office staff is always friendly & very helpful. Dr.Akhtar went above & beyond the call of duty. He made a painful experience tolerable & less stressful. I would recommend him to anyone, anytime.”

— Eva M., Austin, TX 2015

“In March 2013 I tore my Achilles tendon. This happened on a Sunday and I called his office in Monday and had an appointment for that Wednesday. Surgery was scheduled quickly for the following Thursday. At every appointment Dr. Burris was extremely nice, professional, and detail oriented. He explained my injury in detail and the recovery process. He followed up with me wen I had questions and although it was a painful injury he helped in making a smooth recovery. He is a really down to earth doctor and person. He even ordered me special crutches that would be easier to maneuver because I was going to be on them for 3 months. They were at the hospital when I arrived for my surgery. I would highly recommend him.”

— Allen R., Cedar Park, TX 2013

“I recently had a total hip replacement. After a misstep with another prominent surgeon, I found Dr. Akhtar. Dr. Omar Akhtar is the best medical professional I’ve ever dealt with, and I’ve dealt with a lot of good ones. Skilled surgical hands , on time appointments, wonderfully attentive bedside manner and perfect post op visits. My recovery time to walking without any pain, meds or walking support (walker or cane) was literally two weeks, considerably shorter than was predicted. I cannot give this doctor, his staff and NAMC enough thanks, and I cannot recommend this doc highly enough. Use him.”

— Joe M., Georgetown, TX 2016

“Not only a great surgeon, but [Dr. Burris is ] a super nice guy. Fixed my 95-year-old mother-in-law’s broken knee cap after a fall. She mended beautifully in spite of her advanced osteoporosis. He treated her with such care and dignity, and his office staff is wonderful.”

— Doris L., Pflugerville, TX 2015

“What a great doctor. Had a hip replacement 4 weeks ago today, and while I can’t say all the pain is gone, it is surely much better. Dr. Akhtar called me the night before the surgery to see if I had questions or concerns. I was in the hospital one day and was walking well enough to be discharged. He called me at home a couple of days later to make sure all was well. I saw him two weeks post surgery and will see him again in two more weeks, I have progressed from walker to cane to ambulating very quickly. I could probably drive now but my wife won’t let me. I recommend him without reservation. One of the best, if not the best, doctors I have had the pleasure of dealing with in 60+ years of hard wear and tear.”

— Joan E., Leander, TX 2017

“My husband and I were referred to Dr Burris from a close friend. We could not have asked for a better service. From the front desk to surgery to follow up, Dr Burris and his staff are tremendous.”

— Moira Z., Dripping Springs, TX 2011

“Dr. Akhtar is amazing. I am going to recommend him to any friend who needs orthopedic treatment. He is very kind, compassionate, and thorough. I feel very fortunate to have found him. The two doctors that I previously saw did not come close to giving me the care that I received today.”

— Kae F., Giddings, TX 2014

“It was truly a pleasure meeting and working with Akhtar. He was very very professional in presenting himself and was very thorough in explaining my situation and treatment. He was a complete gentleman and a professional doctor. Nothing but kudos to this doctor.”

— Albert K., Round Rock, TX 2015

“Dr. Akhtar was an amazing surgeon. I broke my tibia and fibula on Dec. 27th 2013, and meet him the hospital. My first meeting with him was after a night in the hospital which was on a Saturday. He was happy and very nice even though he was getting ready to operate on me. He explained to me all my options that I had and explaining the possible risk. I am getting married in May, so I was concerned about the recovery. He was patient and very helpful with my decision. During my recovery stage he was there for me and also recommended to a Physical Therapist that is helping me get to walking, like he said I would. He told me that I would be walking on March 27th and sure enough I am walking. I love Dr. Akhtar and if anything else breaks on me I would definitely go to him again.”

— Angela A., Buda, TX 2013

“Dr. Omar Akhtar performed reconstructive surgery to both my knees this year. Both knee joints were originally replaced (not by Dr. Akhtar) in June of 1995. The right knee joint required replacement because it had worn to point of metal on metal. Surgery on this knee was done in January 2014. Surgery to the left knee, done in May 2014, was a bit more involved. A condition known as osteolysis had deteriorated a portion of bone about the size of a golf ball on the femur just above the original prosthesis. Because of the missing bone more involved surgery and a special type of replacement joint was required. I was very impressed with the amount of time and effort Dr.Omar Akhtar spent researching and consulting to find the very best surgery procedure and the best type of replacement joint for this situation. It has been nine months since surgery to the right knee and six months since surgery to the left knee and I am happy to report that both are functioning very well and without pain or limitations. Dr. Akhtar is a very professional doctor and an outstanding and caring person. He listens intently. He explains the condition, procedure, and recovery thoroughly and is more than willing to listen and respond to any concerns. Has a great staff who are easily accessed. Dr. Akhtar is a very highly recommended doctor and physician. Thanks for a job well done.”

— Dennis M., Taylor, TX 2014

“Very pleased with my first meeting for evaluation of knee with Dr. Akhtar. Listened to all my questions and gave straight answers. Gave a clear explanation of x-ray and issues. Provided recommendations for non-invasive treatment for the time being. He was VERY personable. When I had to wait for about 15 minutes after taken to the exam room, he came and told me himself how long it would be and apologized for the wait! Office staff was friendly as well.”

— Carol S., Austin, TX 2013

“I saw Dr Akhtar while I was pregnant and had carpal tunnel. He was fabulous and helped me get through it with a brace and a local shot to help the pain. He was thoughtful and helpful after a horrible experience with my GP. I really appreciated his help and highly recommend him!”

— Shannon M., Austin, TX 2016

“Dr. Akhtar is the best ! I had a total knee replacement that I dreaded for several years and he made the whole experience so easy. He truly cares about your wellbeing, pain control, and recovery. He called me the day before my surgery and after I got home to check on me which is almost unheard of by the doctor himself. He took plenty of time to answer all my questions every visit and explained everything in detail, while showing understanding and compassion. I have been a nurse for 23 yrs and worked with a lot of doctors - good and bad ones, but none compare to Dr. Akhtar. He is such a sweet-heart and I will always refer anyone I can to him. ”

— Sue F., Austin, TX 2016

“I got my hip replaced July 27, 2016 about 8 wks ago. This was my first surgery and I am approaching 60 so I was worried, unsure, hesitant. All went well! It was so much better than I imagined! I refused the bed pan so I was up walking asap and was amazed that I could put pressure on that leg so quickly. I was surprised at my scar, but it has healed and looks like it’s been there for years! What a great surgeon! I am still very impressed by Dr. Akhtar. I look normal to the world...although I have little aches after only 8 wks! I’ve been driving since my 3-4th week. Dropped the walker after two! It’s all about taking care of yourself too; listening to your doctor! Eating healthy, doing your exercises and being positive. I was blessed to have found him among all these doctors in Austin! He knows his work, he listens, cares, takes time to understand your questions and feelings, and he calls personally to check on you. I know everyone is different and I was lucky to recover quickly, but I have always taken good care of myself. I didn’t go in a lake, tub, or pool for 6 wks. to avoid infection. Thank you Dr. Akhtar and God Bless you as you help the others that need you.”

— Kathy D., Austin, TX 2016

“Dr. Akhtar one of the best physicians I have ever met. He is compassionate, clear and takes his time to explain options and implications, and answer all your questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs to see an Orthopedic specialist. Pleasant and helpful office team, almost no wait time. I was highly impressed with his knowledge, communication style and interest in making sure I understand the issues I am dealing with with no pressure to rush to surgery like most physicians do.”

— Zahid Y., Austin, TX 2015

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