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"In March 2013 I tore my Achilles tendon. This happened on a Sunday and I called his office in Monday and had an appointment for that Wednesday. Surgery was scheduled quickly for the following Thursday. At every appointment Dr.Burris was extremely nice, professional, and detail oriented. He explained my injury in detail and the recovery process. He followed up with me wen I had questions and although it was a painful injury he helped in making a smooth recovery. He is a really down to earth doctor and person. He even ordered me special crutches that would be easier to maneuver because I was going to be on them for 3 months. They were at the hospital when I arrived for my surgery. I would highly recommend him."

Allen R.

"Dr. Omar Akhtar performed reconstructive surgery to both my knees this year. Both knee joints were originally replaced (not by Dr. Akhtar) in June of 1995. The right knee joint required replacement because it had worn to point of metal on metal. Surgery on this knee was done in January 2014. Surgery to the left knee, done in May 2014, was a bit more involved. A condition known as osteolysis had deteriorated a portion of bone about the size of a golf ball on the femur just above the original prosthesis. Because of the missing bone more involved surgery and a special type of replacement joint was required. I was very impressed with the amount of time and effort Dr.Omar Akhtar spent researching and consulting to find the very best surgery procedure and the best type of replacement joint for this situation. It has been nine months since surgery to the right knee and six months since surgery to the left knee and I am happy to report that both are functioning very well and without pain or limitations. Dr. Akhtar is a very professional doctor and an outstanding and caring person. He listens intently. He explains the condition, procedure, and recovery thoroughly and is more than willing to listen and respond to any concerns. Has a great staff who are easily accessed. Dr. Akhtar is a very highly recommended doctor and physician. Thanks for a job well done. "

Dennis M.

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