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Revision Joint Replacement

Revision joint replacement surgery is Dr. Akhtar’s specialty. He has performed hundreds of revision joint replacement operations while in fellowship training and while in practice in Washington DC.

A revision joint replacement operation is meant to correct a problem with an artificial joint, whether it is hip, knee, or shoulder. The problems that can occur include: infection, pain, loosening, worn out parts, and mal-alignment. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then you may benefit from an evaluation by Dr. Akhtar.

When the decision is made to proceed with a revision operation, the previous implant is removed and a new one is replaced. In the case of worn parts, sometimes that part can be replaced and the problem is solved. In the case of infection, the entire device is removed, antibiotics are placed for a number of weeks, and then the final implant is placed. The exact nature of the operation is a discussion you will have during your evaluation.